Fr Patten's Photograph Album the building of the Holy House 1931 page 4 of 4 pages 1 2 3
27f [no caption]
27e [no caption]
27d [no caption]
28c [no caption]
28b [no caption]
28a [no caption]
28e [no caption]
28d [no caption]
29d [no caption]
29c [no caption]
29a [29b double exposure - no caption]
31d [no caption]
29e [no caption] [30a,b.d-f duplicates]
32b [32a duplicate - no caption]
30c [no caption]
31b [no caption][31c duplicate]
31a [no caption]
32c [no caption]
32e [32f duplicate - no caption]
33a [no caption]
33c [no caption]
34b [34a duplicate - no caption]
32d [no caption]
31e [no caption]
The numbers and captions given here are as written by Fr Patten where he starts from page 2 in the album: page 1 and a few other photographs have no numbers or captions in the album. Reference key is: page number and photograph letter:Fr Patten's number (when used). His captions usually include compass points: the main door is the WEST front.
28f [no caption]
33b [no caption]