Fr Patten's Photograph Album the building of the Holy House 1931 page 4 of 4 pages 1 2 3
27f [no caption]
27e [no caption]
27d [no caption]
28c [no caption]
28b [no caption]
28a [no caption]
28e [no caption]
28d [no caption]
29d [no caption]
29c [no caption]
29a [29b double exposure - no caption]
31d [no caption]
29e [no caption] [30a,b.d-f duplicates]
32b [32a duplicate - no caption]
30c [no caption]
31b [no caption][31c duplicate]
31a [no caption]
32c [no caption]
32e [32f duplicate - no caption]
33a [no caption]
33c [no caption]
34b [34a duplicate - no caption]
32d [no caption]
31e [no caption]
The numbers given here are as written by Fr Patten. Towards the end of his album there are no captions. There are no captions to the photographs below. Reference key is: page number and photograph letter:Fr Patten's number (when used).
28f [no caption]
33b [no caption]