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1931 Timeline: In ENGLAND King George V was on the throne, Ramsay MacDonald was Prime Minister, Cosmo Lang was Archbishop of Canterbury and Bertram Pollock was Bishop of Norwich. It was the year in which England left the Gold Standard, there was a Census, and Whipsnade Zoo opened. In NORFOLK the East Anglian earthquake shock was felt throughout the county, there was the largest cliff fall for thirty years, the first letter was delivered in Norwich by air mail, and you could come on pilgrimage to Walsingham by train. top of page
Read the descriptions in the Church Times and East Anglian Daily Times of Translation day and the days surrounding it the stone inscription placed in the walls of the Holy House (under the window)
The iconic photograph of the Translation of the image from the parish church to the new Holy House. Sir William Milner processes in front of the image, carrying a candle. Click here for more details and enlarged photograph
Fr Patten compiled this album as a record of the building of the Holy House and covering church from June 27th to October 16th 1931. It has 34 pages, with 165 pictures. He dated, numbered and captioned 110 of them. All the photographs, except duplicates, are on the website, in their original order.
One pilgrim's reminiscences of being present at key moments in the Shrine’s history in 1922, 1931 and 1938 Another description of the 1931 Translation events written by a visitor - a churchwarden from St Mary's, Bourne Street: beautifully observed, like the above, with similar touches not found in the press accounts of the time