Fr Patten's Photograph Album the building of the Holy House 1931 page 3 of 4 pages 1 2 4
26f:110 East end of North Ambulatory. North door of Holy House
26e:109 North Ambulatory looking W
26d:108 East Ambulatory
The numbers given here are as written by Fr Patten. Towards the end of his album there are no captions. Reference key is: page number and photograph letter:Fr Patten's number (when used). His captions usually include compass points: the main door is the WEST front.
21b:81 West front October 1st
21c:82 East end showing Bell hanger October 1st
21d:83 South transept October 1st
21e:84 East end fron Station October 1st
22a:85 West end Monday October 5th
22b:86 Monday October 5th
22c:87 S W corner Monday October 5th
22d:88 Looking SW to NE Monday October 5th
23a:89 SW to NE October 16th
23b:90 SW to NE October 16th
23c:91 East end looking NW October 16th
23d:92 The Hatcham Crucifix October 16th October 16th
23e:93 The Translation Feretory October 16th
24a:94 Blessing and Baptism of Our Lady’s Bells by Bishop O’Rorke Sat October 10th 1931 link to Shrine Bells page
24b:95 Interior Holy House Oct 23
24b:96 Interior Holy House October 24th
24d:97 Portico
24e:98 Portico
25b:100 From Portico
25d:102 From Portico
25e:103 North side exterior
25f:104 West Front
26a:105 Ambulatorythrough Holy House
26b:106 From Altar NW Chapel
26c:107 West End looking North
27b [no caption]
27a [no caption]
25c:101 From Portico
25a:99 Portico
27c [no caption]
21a:80 West front October 1st