As we work on the archives we find gaps in series: perhaps someone has a copy of what we need and would be willing to send us a photocopy. We concentrate mainly on tthe records of Fr Patten’s lifetime (i.e. up to 1958), although there are many gaps in the later series. He often issued “wants” lists as he furnished the new buildings, and here are some of our present needs.
We already have one copy of a few of the items listed below, but we like to keep two copies of the rarer ones. Pilgrims' Manuals: 3rd (1949), 4th (1951), 6th (1957) ______ National Pilgrimage programmes: 1960, 1963, 1964, 1966 ______ St Hilary's - Report and Accounts booklets: Our gaps in this beautiful series, with covers by Enid Chadwick, are: 1953, 1957, 1960, 1962 There were probably none before 1944 or after 1970 ______ information about the film made by Fr Ronald Wills in 1960 called "The Walsingham Story" - and preferably a copy of it _______ top of page
Donations There is no pressure whatever on anyone to donate their precious memorabilia to the archives. Some people do send items to us, which are always gratefully received, but we will be very happy with photocopies or scans of our missing items. It is the information within whch matters most.
eBay - Walsingham postcards There are always Walsingham items for sale on eBay, mostly postcards. We have a large collection of them already and rarely need to buy one. If you see any other memorabilia for sale elsewhere which doesn’t seem to be mentioned on our Publications site or the Select Index, please let us know by contacting the honorary archivist, and if you intend to donate something, please ask us first ...
Nevertheless, thank you to everyone who does donate their own Walsingham items or those which come to them after the death of a relative or friend.