1931: at the Well
1935: Enid Chadwick’s drawing
1931: first postcard of the well
September 1931: building the cover for the well, and the steps, looking liturgically east; before the Cloister was built in 1964 the wall seen on the left was the outer wall of the Shrine
the well, discovered in 1931 during building work for the Holy House
At the pools in the Abbey grounds before the Holy House was built in 1931

photographs of the Shrine's early

healing ministry, of the Well and

of St Joseph's Wing

In the picture on the left a scroll on the wall records the statue's history. It originally formed part of the Shrine of St Joseph in St Alban's, Fulham, and was made available to Walsingham to serve as a permanent memorial to Fr Rice Alforth Evelyn Harris, priest-in-charge of St Andrew's, Carshalton, 1926-59. It was renovated by his friends and presented to mark the centenary of his birth in 1986.
the scroll hanging on the wall recording the statue's history (measures 11" X 14": 28 cms X 34 cms)
the plaque recording the official opening of the Wing (measures 19" X 24": 48 cms X 61 cms)
statue of St Joseph in St Joseph's Wing
prayer card to mark the opening of St Joseph’s Wing
Fr Colven (Administrator) taking the service. The lady in pink next to Fr Whitehead is Diana Braithwaite, wife of Dr John Braithwaite (a Guardian): she read a lesson.
The Duchess of Kent meeting Sister Julian
Mrs Nancy Thomson turning the first earth when Bishop Anselm Genders CR came to bless the site 16 Dec 1984
The Duchess of Kent arriving to open St Joseph's on 4 October 1985, escorted by Fr Michael Whitehead and Stanley Smith
Chapel Yard: before the creation of St Joseph's Wing