Pauline remembers Walsingham, and the St Hilary's matrons
My first visit to Walsingham was the year after the war. I have never forgotten the feeling of sheer peace and joy when I entered the Holy House. I wanted to stay for ever. It’s hard to explain one’s feelings. Those of you who have been will know exactly what I mean. I went on several pilgrimages and also private ones where I stayed in the village. It was then I met Father Patten. I found him fascinating - very holy, and yet approachable. I was so interested in reading about St Hilary's on this website. Molly Bartholomew ("Barty") used to go to my then church which was St Andrew's Romford. She and her friend, Dorothy Williams, became Matron and Deputy Matron at St Hilary's. When I used to stay in the village, we had tea and cakes at the house. Molly's parents had a Christian bookshop in Romford Market. Although, in 2016, I am no longer able to get to Walsingham due to poor health, my wonderful memories sustain me.