Mrs J A Alderson

Little by little I was asked to do more, and when the north wing was opened as an old Priests' Home I was soon asked to look after them. Fr. Bede Frost said to Fr. Patten one day, he might be able to see the garden if he could see out of the window, and after that I had to do his room. By the time Fr. Patten died I was looking after him, and my father was the last person Fr Patten buried. the Pilgrim Hall
Pilgrim Hall
I was baptised in 1921 and must have been one of the first babies whom Fr. Patten christened. We lived in one of the cottages which is now the Administrator's House and later moved to one which was where the cloisters of the north wing of the College now stand. When the Sisters first came I joined a girls' club which they started in the Hall in Army Yard, which is now the Pilgrims' Hall. I came to work at the College to do Fr. Derrick's cottage. In those days the Refectory and Fr. Patten were looked after by George Long, and other parts by the Brothers.