The Guardians' Roll

The Roll of the College of the Guardians of Our Lady of Walsingham: signed by almost all full Guardians on election, starting with Fr Patten. Four of the early Guardians never signed. Lord Halifax was too old to visit Walsingham, but it is puzzling why some of the others did not sign, especially Bishop O'Rorke, who lived in Norfolk until 1935. Bishop Huddleston was a full Guardian for only a few months before becoming Bishop of Masasi, when he resigned. He remained an Honorary Guardian for 28 years.
There are four columns: when the first three were used up a fourth was started on the extreme left, headed by Fr Philip North (2000) and ending, at the time of photographing, with Bishop Lindsay Urwin OGS (2006). Later new Guardians have been added to the Roll on their elections. The Roll was restored in 2019: see Walsingham Review Assumptiontide 2019, p 20, with an updated photograph. top of page