Fr Patten's death and funeral

August 1958

Photographs of Fr Patten during his last service (11 August), at which he collapsed, and died later that night in his cottage, and of his funeral procession (13 August). After these are colour photographs taken by Graham Howard on 11 August 2008, the fiftieth anniversary of Fr Patten's death.
all colour photographs are © Graham Howard
in his last procession; and (far right) the last known photograph
nothing changes - 1923 above - the earliest-known photograph of a pilgrimage procession
at the grave - (left) the then Parish Priest, Fr Norman Banks, and (right) the then Administrator, Fr Philip North
11 August 2008: The Commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Fr Patten’s death
The five bishops in this last procession were Leslie Stradling of SW Tanganyika, Gerald Brooks of Honduras, Cecil Muschamp of Kalgoorlie, William Baker of Zanzibar and Gay Mandeville of Barbados, all in England for the 1958 Lambeth Conference. The Bishop of Carpentaria arrived next day for the funeral.
a press photograph: Fr Patten can just be glimpsed at the back
13 August 1958: the funeral procession The funeral date is sometimes seen as 14 August: this mistake arises from the slightly confusing description of Fr Patten’s death and burial events in Our Lady’s Mirror Autumn 1958/Winter 1959 (memorial number) specifically p 12.
all colour photographs are © Graham Howard
the grave (centre) showing the later headstone, which replaced the original wooden cross c1997; the cross hangs inside the church
By mistake, the Guardians' cross was carried at the head of the procession instead of in front of the coffin.