Paul Lewis

his Sanctuary School Photograph

The Sanctuary School outside the Vicarage (their premises). Paul Lewis is in the middle of the back row. He provided the following: On my left is Brian Luff, and then Bobby Davies. In the row in front of us there is on the left of the picture Tommy Hall Matthews, now a priest in Australia, then seven along Robert Hunter, the head's son, and on the other end of that row Peter Swinney. Next row, from the left, Anthony Hall Matthews who became Bishop of Brisbane, then five along is Patrick King. On the main row there is from the left Joy Long (daughter of the Guardian George Long), assistant matron, then Doris Wood, then Mr Tunks, then the headmaster, Ken Hunter, then his wife (Mr Tunks's sister), then Mr Stokes. In the final row last but one from the right end is Gerhardt Boesen whose parents farmed at Great Ryburgh.