Fr Patten's (1938) Photograph


The building of the Shrine Church February-July 1937

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58 May 22 N East "Tower"
61 May 22 Looking over site of current "Holy House"
60 May 22 The Upper Lawn
59 May 22 Looking towards the Gate into St Augustine
64 May 22. Looking across site showing remains of Chapel of O L Sorrows
62 May 22. Foundation diggings for Chapels - (A) Milner (B) - (C) Priest Associates
63 May 22. Showing site of Sacristan's room and Chapel of Priest Associates
65 May 22 Site of Milner Chapel
67 May 27 Looking over site of High Altar to S Austins
66 May 27 Looking onto site of Sacristan's room
68 May 27 From site of S Augustine's Porch - over chapels & Sacristy to Altar Pavilion
70 May 27. Ten feet of Refectory being broken down with remains of Chapel of O L of Sorrows in foreground
69 May 27 On the terrace towards demolishing Refectory
71 May 27th Refectory
73 May 27 Looking towards the Refectory
72 May 27th Looking towards the Refectory
76 May 29 Base of Cross. 6ft X 5ft
75 May 29th showing details of Cross base
74 May 29th base of Church Yard cross showing slot for cross
79 May 29 The site
77 May 29 Centre of Cross base
78 May 29 The Garden
81 May 29 The Garden
82 June 16 New Foundation of S Porch and Chapel O L Sorrows with foundation of old N Porch in foreground
80 May 29 The site
85 June 26 Foundation walls of old footing Crypt
83 June 26 The Hospice
84 June 26 "East wall" of Crypt & angle enclosing W side of N W turret
86 June 28 Foundations of Gallery stairs looking "East"
88 A. Compare this with (B) [91, which is] two days before. June 28 Looking along foundations of N aisle N wall towards the West
87 June 28 Foundations of Gallery stairs looking "West". B. Compare this with (C)[92, which is] two days previously
89 June 28 Foundations of Gallery stairs looking "N.E"
91 (B) Compare A [88] with this [which is] two days previously
90 [no caption: similar to 92]
92 (C) Compare this with B [87, which is] two days later
94 From Pavilion Lawn June 28
93 (D) Compare this with A [88, which is] two days previously
95 From Pavilion lawn June 28
97 July 10. Heating Chamber and Sacristy. Baskets in Sacristy
96 From before the 5th Station June 28.
98 July 10 - Heating Chamber
99 July 10. N Ambulatory showing Milner Chantry & entrance to Chapel of SS Hugh and Patrick
100 July 10. The North aisle from site of N. Porch
101 July 10th The Milner Chantry.
102 July 10th Priest Associates Chapel SS Hugh & Patrick & Entrance to Milner Chantry in distance & also wall dividing Scouts' Chapel from west end of Fynes- Clinton Chantry
103 July 10th Exterior walls of Chapels of SS Hugh & Patrick. Priests Asscts Chapel and near angle of Milner Chapel
104 July 10. Priest Associates Chapel
106 July 17. Looking down N Ambulatory into Chapel of SS Hugh & Patrick - Priests Chapel beyond
105 July 17 Looking over the East wall of Scouts Chapel into Fynes-Clinton Chantry
107 July 17 Heating Chamber showing cavity for cold air pipe
108 July 17 Looking down N Ambulatory into SS Hugh & Patrick's Chapel & to E wall of Scouts Chapel
110 July 17. Looking East over crypt old Shrine
112 July 17 Piece of plaster on inside of West Wall of old Shrine
111 July 17. Looking West along outside of North Wall of old Shrine
113 July 17. Shrine Garden looking towards & showing E end of Priory ruins
115 July 17 Shrine Garden looking east under terrace
114 July 17 Shrine Garden looking towards the East
The captions given here are exactly as written by Fr Patten - he frequently used compass points in his descriptions and differentiated the true and liturgial directions by using quotation marks or the word 'strictly'. As with the Holy House in 1931, Fr Patten must have carried a vision of the completed church in his mind which he could see clearly when only foundations were visible to others.
109 July 17. Looking NE into crypt over NW turrett