Fr Patten's (1938) Photograph


The building of the Shrine Church February-July 1937

The second volume covers July-November 1937.

The captions given here are exactly as written by Fr Patten - he frequently used compass points in his descriptions and differentiated the true and liturgical directions by using quotation marks or the word 'strictly'. As with the Holy House in 1931, Fr Patten must have carried a vision of the completed church in his mind which he could see clearly when only foundations were visible to others.
1 St Augustine's Garden - being prepared for builder, 1937, from Studio
3 Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows from "East" Walk of Shrine Garden by wall of St Augustine's Garden (strictly N wall of Shrine Garden & South W of St Austin) 1937
2 St Augustine's Garden from the Studio being prepared for builder 1937
7 [see caption for 3-6 above]
9 Foundations unearthed looking "North" to 5th Station. March 1937 (North Wall)
8 Site March 1937 on site of "Scouts" Chapel [although obviously taken on same day as 6 above]
4-6 above (and 7 below) The site Feb 1937 on site of "Scouts Chapel"
12 "North" Wall of Foundations looking "East by South" March 1937 (West end looking to N wall of foundations)
10 Foundations (East end) looking "South" March 1937
11 "East" Wall of Foundations looking North. March 1937 (North Wall of foundations)
13 The site on April 2 1937. From the garden gate
14 The site on April 2 1937. From the garden looking "East"
17 April 2 1937. The "West" end of the Refectory. Bell Tower & Altar Pavilion
16 April 2 1937. The "West" end of the Refectory.
18 April 2 1937. Looking over the site from between Refectory & bell tower towards old Sacristy.
27 From end of foundations of "Novum Opus" showing Position of Eastern arch of Priory ruins - over reconstructed Knight's Gate. May 2
57 May 8. angel [angle] of N West turrett & West Wall Novum Opus looking South
56 May 8. Novum Opus N West Turrett & North Wall - with porch centre & N East turrett in distance looking from "West" to East
22 Foundations under extention believed to be of the Novum Opus looking South West to North (strictly) showing base of tower in distance April 24th 1937 24 North Wall (strictly) of foundations at Shrine of Novum Opus - with N W tower foundations. Ap: 24 23 Foundations of North West tower of foundations believed to be the Novum Opus April 24th 26 Site of "Ritual" South aisle looking "West" showing pits for arches [?along] Chapels from aisle & trench for "South" wall. Sat May 2nd 25 East end of North Wall (strictly) looking West of foundation believed to be of Novum Opus 19 April 2 1937 - site from Gospel end of altar looking from "East" to West showing Priory Arch. [and Fr Patten] 21 Bell hanger from site of cloisters - April 24 20 Saturday April 24. The Altar Pavilion from the site of the extention 30 May 2. The Site of the Nave looking "West" 28 May 2 Showing position of Priory Arch (Eastend) looking over site of footings of South West tower of Novum Opus & new Scouts Chapel  29 May 2. Priory Arch E End showing over site of Novum Opus West End - foundations 33 From Hospice Garden looking (Ritual) South West showing "North side" of Chapel of O L Sorrows in course of demolition May 2 1937 31 From site of stairs to gallery looking "East" to "West". showing Chapel of O L Sorrows in course of demolition May 2 1937 32 From site of St Augustine Porch looking "East" towards site of High Altar. May 2 36 May 2 1937 The Refectory Purgola showing new Pilgrimage Office - old Sacristy 34 May 2 Another view of Refectory Purgola & Pilgrimage Office 35 Interior of Refectory showing enlargement in progress looking "Ritual" East May 2 1937 39 May 6 Still looking West over Chapel O L Sorrows 37 May 6th from the Refectory purgola looking "West" showing remains of Chapel 38 May 6 Another view of Chapel O L Sorrows showing depth of soil to be removed 42 May 6 Looking East past Chapel O L Sorrows 40 May 6 Chapel O L Sorrows Looking S E 41 May 6 Looking East from South of Shrine 43 May 6 Looking "West" 45 May 8 View of remains of Chapel of O L Sorrows showing remains of bracket on which image stood 44 May 8 The reconstructed (and lower) bell hanger moved from Chapel O L Sorrows 48 May 8 Novum Opus - N East Turrett 46 May 8 North Wall of foundations of Novum Opus from N East tower in foreground - Stick marks site of porch. N West tower in distance - Ruins of Chapel of O L Sorrows also reconstructed Bell Hanger & the Altar Pavilion 47 May 8th Novum Opus foundations North Wall 51 May 8. Novum opus - S East Turrett 49 May 8. Novum Opus N East Turrett  50 May 8. Novum Opus S E turrett & S Wall 54 May 8. North Wall & N Porch - Looking "West" 52 May 8. N Wall and North porch 53 May 8 North Wall & porch - looking "West" 55 May 8 N Wall & porch looking "N East".
15 The site on April 2 1937 shpowing the “West” end of the Refectory and bell tower. "